These pages describe items of equipment I have developed for use in Kite Aerial Photography.

Most projects on this page include a button for exporting a ZIP file that includes the notes and all the STL files so that you can replicate parts in a 3D printer. Even if you do not intend printing anything why not explore them in 3D using Module Works free STL viewer.


MEW cover
MEW article part 1 (PDF)
MEW article part 2 (PDF)

3D printing has become a key tool in the development of my KAP projects. To draw wider attention to this activity and to highlight the versatility of 3D printing I wrote a lengthy article on the topic for Model Engineers’ Workshop magazine. This appears in two parts, comprising a total of 14 pages & 41 images! To suit the audience, the article emphases the use of solid modelling and 3D printing in creating KAP gadgets which include my suspension, PanGimbal and altimeter. The article also describes some research I made into a new type of optical horizon sensor which might provide another means for platform levelling – the concept having been inspired by the sensors used to stabilise low-Earth satellites.

The editor has kindly provided a PDF copy of the article for you to read here. Alternatively, you can order back copies of Issues 313 and 314 from: by clicking the heading Model Engineers’ Workshop.

Making a holder for the Runcam 5 camera

I use a Runcam 5 camera mounted in a Tarot 3 axis gimbal to do Kite Aerial Photography. This camera is described as having identical dimensions to the GoPro Hero Session and yet commercial holders are slightly too small for the Runcam. I therefore modelled my own unit in Alibre Design and printed it in an Ultimaker 3 machine. After careful balancing with lead weights, the camera balances perfectly in the gimbal and this unit has become one of my favourites for recording aerial video.